The best online farm investment

Create positive impact for the people and environment while making profits.

Why join us?

More profitable
More than bank deposit and gold investment

Social Impact
Improve farmers' welfare

Environmental friendly
.. and high concern on animal welfare

Contribute to the nation
in meat self-sufficiency

CCTV access 24/7
Transparency for investors

Choose your investment

Adjust your investment choice to your needs and your budget, belive that your choice will always create meaningful impact.


Start from Rp. 950.000,-

15-20% Return, in 6-8 months.


Start from Rp. 1.250.000,-

17-22% Return, in 6-8 months.


Start from Rp. 2.000.000,-

15-20% Return, in 6-8 months.


787 Investors

have made their investments with us.

156 Farmers

across the nation.

2,440 Hectares of productive land

has been developed by us.

918 Cattles

have been grown.

398,000 Tons of Manure

donated to farmers.

36,000 M3 Biogas

ready to be donated.

63 neighborhoods

ready to be provided with free electricity.


  1. What kind of business agreement that you offer?
    We offer business agreement using mudharabah (profit sharing) based on Islam sharia law. Two parties are involved, investor (shahibul maal) and we as the manager.
  2. How to join?
    You can join us as an investor (shahibul maal) by registering your email here and we will let you know when our platform is ready.
  3. What are my responsibilities as an investor?
    The responsibility of the investor is only to provide funds for the start of investment period.
  4. How much ROI (return of investment) we can get?
    The value of ROI depends on the chosen investment package. For now we provide investment package for lamb growing for 'Eid Al Adha, estimated at 12% from initial investment. The estimation comes from historical data of lamb growing cost and the selling price on pre-Eid Al Adha.
  5. Is the profit rate fixed?
    Knowing that this business agreement is based on mudharabah (from sharia law), the profit rate is not fixed, can be more or less than the estimated rate.
  6. What about the operations risk mitigation?
    Any risk of loss in fund is for the investors (shahibul maal) to bear, but we will manage your livestock with a proper and optimum care by the experts, so that we could skew down risk of losses to a minimum. If for an instance, there ever be deaths among the livestock that is being taken care of, we have already set aside some of the investment fund gathered as a takaful (risk mitigation fund pool) to cover any losses incurred from deaths up to 100% of livestock investment value.
  7. How would this investment's return percentage fare among other known investment instruments i.e. Bank Deposits?
    This investment return is at 12% in 4 months, while bank deposits is currently at 8% to be gained within a longer investment period, a whole year.
  8. What are the benefits for investors?
    Investors will get weekly and monthly report on the growth of the owned cattles. Investors can also have a visit to the farm if they want to take a look at the cattles.
  9. What is the positive impact to be expected from this cooperation?
    • A positive impact for the environment
      Along with us, you can create an envisioned future farm that is environmentally friendly, because we apply only a farming system that is minimum to zero in waste. Any leftover and waste won't even have the chance to pollute due to further process of them into advantageous byproducts like biogas, organic fertilizer meant for organic vegetables cultivations.
    • Social Impact
      • Some of those advantageous byproducts gained from further waste and leftover process will then be given to needy people living nearby the farm so that they can benefit from the produced vegetables, fruits, or high proteine fishes.
      • Apart from all that, we could then also see the alleviation to farmers wealth and prosperity by increasing their chances to gain greater income without making them perspire more or churning them out. Because we educate local farmers to apply our modern and easy to use system to ease their course of work in farming activity.
    • Economical Impact
      Your fund, originally remained idle, could otherwise be invested into our farm and help the economy's wheels to spin.
  10. Can I be more involved in the business, not only as investors?
    Definitely, you can also gain more profit by helping us sell your cattles. You will get a referral link and for anyone who buys anything from it, you will get profit share.